Forest Woods: Landscape Concept and Architectural Concept

Forest Woods

Forest Woods Landscape Concept

Inspired by the development’s lush landscaping, greenery, and trees, Forest Woods as a name signifies the tranquillity and serenity of living amidst nature, an expression of a rich surrounding of botany to reside in peaceful harmony.

The landscape concept of Forest Woods is to offer a lifestyle that is to engage more with the nature. A living that is among the woods, celebrating the daily enjoyment together with the large range of native and exotic landscape. The development is more than a net for the buyers. It’s also a platform for the kids to grow up with the nature, a place that they call home.

Inspired by the historical context of “Serangoon” which is thought to be derived from the ranggong bird, a species of stork which abounded in the riverine swamps around Serangoon River or the Rangoon River, the development aims to capture the sense of nostalgia and lush shades of forest that is present on the existing site.

Forest Woods Architectural Concept

The architectural language of Forest Woods is kept to pure forms, bridging between the landscape and the urban. The box and frame design language takes a humbler approach to complement the landscape, allowing the development to grow into a living forest. The riparian nature of the development immediately stands out among the urban neighborhood, recreating the experience of a sanctuary landscape in the heart of the Serangoon estate.

The Forest Woods project comprises 7 blocks of 12-strorey residential towers, with a total of 519 units (approx. 46,000 sqm GFA). The blocks are purposefully arranged to maximize block-to-block spacing. The site planning concept of Forest Woods aims to create spaciousness within an odd-shaped site. In terms of the architectural design, the blocks are articulated by alternating frames and overlapping lines of varying depths, to create intertwining envelopes of overhanging ledges. The Forest Woods facade is complemented by the vibrant blue-and-green landscape that melds from a “forest walk” theme at the eastern end of the e-deck, with a more orderly and manicured design at the western end.